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Maxive Pro All In One


  • Brand: DMI Innovative
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MAXIVE PRO ALL-IN-ONE is a definitive “all-in-one” formula based on high biological value proteins and carbohydrates, with more than 25 active ingredients.

MAXIVE PRO ALL-IN-ONE has been developed for athletes who require maximum physical demand, suffer intense muscle wasting, and need to improve their muscle mass performance and development.

In addition to contain the highest quality protein, it stand out among their ingredients: BCAA, Glutamine Kyowa®, HMB, Creatine Creapure®, Tricreatine malate, Beta-Alanine CarnoSyn®, Citrulline malate, A-AKG, L-Ornithine, Tribulus terrestris, Maca, DAA, plus DigeZyme® enzyme complex and LactoSpore® probiotic complex.

What are the benefits and features of MAXIVE PRO ALL-IN-ONE?

  • Helps to increase muscle mass.
  • Helps to improve athletic performance.
  • Helps to improve recovery after intense training.
  • Helps to improve muscle recovery and regeneration.
  • Anti-catabolic effect.
  • Helps to improve the immune system.
  • 35g of high quality protein per serving.
  • Enriched with DigeZyme® (enzyme complex) and LactoSpore® (probiotic complex).
  • Professional formula.
  • Instant dissolution.
  • Creamy texture.
  • Delicious flavors.

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