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100% Creatine (600g)


  • Brand: Trec Nutrition
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
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CREATINE 100% is a monohydrate for professional athletes

✅ Creatine 100 creatine monohydrate is the maximum concentration of creatine monohydrate supporting both aerobic (endurance)and anaerobic (strength and speed) exercise energy.
✅ By maintaining proper hydration during supplementation with Creatine 100 Trec, you will not experience unpleasant swelling and at the same time increase the body’s anabolic capabilities
✅ The addition of vitamin C and sodium in Creatine 100 Trec protects against water and electrolyte disturbances and free radicals, thanks to which creatine monohydrate is better absorbed in the body.

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