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Anabolic Crea 10


  • Brand: Kevin Levrone
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Kevin Levrone’s Signature Series supplement brand has once again expanded its advanced Black Line of products this month with a creatine formula that looks fairly promising on paper. The new release is named Crea 10 and is promoted as an all-in-one type supplement, which based on what we know so far, does seem very fitting.

Crea 10 from Levrone Signature Series is a creatine based muscle building product with ten different forms of creatine, hence the two parts of its name, “Crea” and “10”. While the variety of creatines does make the supplement unique and quite different from its competitors, it isn’t the first product to feature that amount of creatines.

Also included in Crea 10 is taurine, citrulline malate, fenugreek, arginine, ornithine, betaine, and black pepper to improve absorption. Unfortunately, we don’t know the doses of anything as the brand has not shared the product’s label, although we do have an idea on its serving size as a tub looks to weigh about 234g, which gives it a 7.8g serving if it has 30 per tub.

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