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A-HD Elite/Solid Combo


A-HD Elite/Solid Combo

Maintaining a healthy testosterone level is vital for achieving that lean, hard, muscular physique. Testosterone is the key hormone in men primarily responsible for developing strength and increasing muscle mass as well as burning fat in the body. Testosterone boosters work to optimize your workout time by giving your body the strength and focus it needs to build solid muscle. To really achieve that level of definition and vascularity, your nutrition and training need to be on point. However, sometimes that's still not enough. That's where this dynamic due of a stack swoops in to take your body where it's never been before: harder, stronger, and full of power!*

  • Healthy Testosterone Levels*
  • A Leaner More Muscular Physique*
  • Increased Libido & Stamina*

What is A-HD Elite?

A-HD Elite is an extremely powerful testosterone supporting agent designed to promote a healthy balance between testosterone and estrogen levels. The unique ingredient profile of A-HD Elite may provide increased stamina and muscle fullness in addition to enhanced performance throughout your workout.*

What is Solid?

Solid is an advanced body-fat deconstructing agent. Its novel class of naturally-occurring compounds are specifically designed to get you contest ready. The Solid profile is formulated with powerful plant-based ingredients which work to promote a more vascular, rock hard physique. Other properties of Solid include anabolic and androgenic support as well as promoting healthy testosterone levels and a boost in libido.*

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