Team NutriOx

Athlete: Hasbullah Bin Mohd Salam




Weight: 65kg

Idolizing the golden era physiques like Frank Zane and Lee Labrada, Haskoi (Hasbullah) developed a passion for bodybuilding. He maintains great condition year round by eating clean and doing his cardio consistently. Haskoi's motivation stems from the fact that he is always looking to better himself from the previous day. He pays close attention to details in his physique so that he can bring his best package to any competition he is in. 

Haskoi lifts because not only does it give him happiness but it also gives him the energy, motivation and the drive to keep fit. Despite only competing from 2014, Haskoi has achieved OUTSTANDING results in each competition. He won the 2017 HomeTeam Fitness Ironman below 70kg bodybuilding, He also won the amateur classic athletic physique in 2014, he placed 2nd in the below 70kg bodybuilding nationals just to name a few. In 2018, he will be competing again and we are excited for him!!