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Yamamoto® Nutrition Cla PRO Clarinol® Quality is a dietary supplement that provides 2.4 grams of Clarinol (R) brand conjugated linoleic acid, natural CLA from safflower oil used for years in the supplement field, quality assured.

Cla PRO Clarinol® Quality is made from natural safflower oil and is produced in special plants by experts dedicated to the production of a quality product.

Using proven technology and following a strict set of quality and safety standards (including ISO, GMP and HACCP) Clarinol® CLA is a very consistent fatty acid or isomer of the highest quality available.

Cla PRO Clarinol® Quality contains the highest possible concentration of active CLA fatty acids, which are called isomers.

At 2.4 grams/ day of these active isomers Clarinol® CLA provides an optimal daily dose.

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