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Anyone who trains in high intensity sports, including weight training, and in particular body builders, powerlifters, cross fitters and combat sports athletes, know that Testosterone is the key hormone in mediating androgen processes such as muscle growth, weight loss, increased strength and some cognitive-psychological aspects. In addition, if you train hard and do not fully recover, you quickly enter a vortex of stress that will result in "cannibalising your muscles" and worsening your training performance, as well as the potential risk of getting injured, being subject to illness and significantly reducing the endocrine production of the precious male hormone.

The list of supplements marketed as "test boosters", i.e. with the power of stimulating this hormone, is extremely impressive and it is actually a "critical" factor for companies producing supplements as the financial stakes are very high. Testo-boosters are continuously being unveiled, described as "aggressive" and "fascinating", terms that serve to remind us of well-known doping drugs, with "catchy" claims, formulas with root extract mixtures sometimes well-known (more often less..) and all accompanied by amazing reviews. These are often mere smoke screens for athletes, victims of false misleading marketing and with many companies providing scarce real information.

Some substances have a real positive influence (studies and analysis "speak"), others of little importance for the purposes of the body builder for example, others .... many others are "money thrown". So just as happened to the Tribulus Terrestris, the phytoextract that has been used for centuries in India to increase male and female fertility, so as to be immediately taken under the attention of Western science. In some studies it has been found an effective action of the active principle of the Tribulus, the protodioscina (a steroidal saponina), on the levels of androgens, so much to affect many companies. In fact, from there, the launch of many Tribulus Terrestris supplements. But the research has gone on, and the first studies on human beings have begun to come out, also specific on trained men, or on athletes who practice sports such as rugby, and at the end of these studies it was not possible to notice no difference in testosterone or physical strength between those who took Tribulus and who did not. After a series of insights related to effective, sensitive, real stimulation (and not minimal or temporary, far from misleading claims often used), the scientific community has confirmed that the Tribulus Terrestris in humans has no effect, nor on lutein ( LH) nor on the production of Testosterone or other androgenic hormones such as to have the "promised" results, as sensitive effects on physical strength and fat percentage. As always, the research and development department of Yamamoto Nutrition is always at the forefront and attentive to the world of research, so taking note of every update, we work to produce the best products, with the raw materials of certified absolute quality.

AnabolicBOOST contains aspartic D-acid, an amino acid that is formed mainly in the hypophysis, in the hypothalamus and in the testes, which stimulates the production of signal molecules, which in turn enhance the testicle "messenger" activity with hypophysis. This is an amino acid that stimulates the body to convert cholesterol into testosterone. Aspartic D-acid is primarily a neurotransmitter, concentrated mainly in the pituitary (the main endocrine gland) and in the pineal gland (responsible for the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone) and is also found in the Leydig cells , or in those cells located in the testicles that have the specific function of producing Testosterone and other very important male hormones. It is believed that aspartate performs a function similar to that of a messenger: it receives signals from the pituitary gland and delivers them directly to the Leydig cell, which then begins to do its job by converting cholesterol into testosterone, so as a result, D-aspartic acid should favour an increase in testosterone production, enhancing the reception and transmission of messages between cells and testicles and vice versa. That's not all, however, high levels of L-aspartic acid in the brain cause the hypothalamus to stimulate the secretion of a significantly high number of gonadotropin-releasing hormones (GnRH), prolactin-releasing hormones (PRFs) and growth-hormone releasing hormones (GHRH). There are several significant studies demonstrating its favourable impact on hormone levels and fertility in the animals and especially humans, where it has been shown that D-aspartic acid, taken for 90 days consecutively, increases testosterone levels by 30-60% in men with fertility problems, as well as significantly affecting the parameters of seminal fluid quality and it has now become an element widely found in many specific male supplements.

AnabolicBOOST contains fenugreek, another phytotherapeutic element in which interest has been renewed after often discordant results, thanks to its fenuside content, a saponin that has a positive effect on endogenous production that, like testosterone, binds to the same testosterone receptors, when there is a fenuside concentration of around 50%. Fenuside is able to increase testosterone levels and has a testosterone-like action, binding to the receptors and mimicking its effects.

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